Wirtualne Biuro Warszawa

Biuro wirtualne czynne:
pn-czw: 8:00-16:00
pt: 8:00-15:00

Al.Jerozolimskie 81 lok 7.10 piętro 7 (Budynek CENTRAL TOWER (dawniej ORCO)
02-001 Warszawa
tel.: +48 22 112 00 55
tel. kom.: +48 575 997 747
fax: +48 224275146
e-mail: biurowarszawa@biurohello.pl
Nr GG Biuro HELLO: 53608737Biurohello wirtualne biuro gg

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Adresy urzędów pod które podlega Biuro w Warszawie:

Biuro Wirtualne - URZĄD SKARBOWY
III US Warszawa-Śródmieście
ul.Lindleya 14
02-013 Warszawa

Sąd Rejonowy dla m.st. Warszawy w Warszawie
XII Wydział Gospodarczy KRS
ul. Czerniakowska 100, 00 - 454 Warszawa

I Oddział w Warszawie
00-917 Warszawa
ul. Senatorska 6/8

ZUS Inspektorat Warszawa-Ochota (podlega pod:ZUS I Oddział w Warszawie)
02-134 Warszawa-Ochota
ul. 1-go Sierpnia 21

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The real cost of renting a brick-and-mortar office is high, and the cost is doubled if we include a good location, especially in a large city like Warsaw. The image of a company is built from the first meeting with a contractor. It would be better if it took place in an attractive location and in a professional-looking interior, which our Hello virtual offices can guarantee. A recipe for combining cost savings with maintaining high standards is to use a virtual office. It is a very convenient choice, especially if you are just starting your business. Our virtual office requires minimum formalities and offers advice on company registration and support in ongoing operations. Our support includes: receiving, storing and forwarding correspondence, e-mail notifications on incoming mail, and correspondence scanning. If you opt for an individual local telephone number, we can answer your phone calls for you. We can also keep your calendar, provide access to a private office and a conference room. Our services are flexible, and it is the client who chooses exactly which services they wish to use.

A service worth considering is the renting of an office by the hour, which can be used while using our address as the registered office address of your business, but also as an individual. If you need a place to work in peace, would like to organise a meeting with a client or even hold a training session or a conference, you can rent an office by the hour. We have rooms of different sizes. You can rent an office starting from one clock hour. It is a convenient form for those who occasionally need to use an office. However, we also cater for clients who regularly use by-the-hour office services. Such clients can enjoy attractive price packages, which will additionally lower the operating costs.

Hello Virtual Office – We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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